We Need More Accountability

Tue, 05/30/2017 - 15:10

Once upon a time, in a business far far away, a well meaning manager sat in a training session. He read a book. He sat with his Sr managers. This manager was struggling to get the results everyone wanted.

His sales team wasn’t generating enough opportunities. They didn’t have enough first meetings and they most certainly didn’t have enough revenue.

He heard a consistent message. You need to have more accountability.  Your team doesn’t want it enough.  They aren’t working hard enough.  You should have them check in: daily, weekly, and they need quotas.

Employee Engagement Has to be More Than a Tagline

Mon, 05/15/2017 - 12:06
Employee engagement is a priority that will never be finished. I have seen just about every attempt you could think of to motivate employees. Employee Engagement is a cliche for some, a problem for some but the companies that get it right always seem to succeed. There are many options on how to build employee engagement but for the most part I have seen one of two options.

Decision Making = Prediction Making

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 11:51
Are you good at making decisions? Is your decision making improving? How do you know? All people think they make great decisions. Few people examine if they are good decision makers.

Agile Is All The Rage

Wed, 05/03/2017 - 10:33

Agile is all the rage. Scrum has worked wonders. Lean is reducing waste. Six Sigma is saving millions.

All of the companies using the set of tools used in these are looking for what is next. It seems that while all of these theories have their merits they will be another fad soon enough.

0 defects. 0 waste and fast production does not build a company. It does not sell a service.