We Know You Have to Delegate, but Just How Do We Do That?

Submitted by Jeff Galas on Tue, 05/23/2017 - 14:59

It is a well known “secret” that to scale you, as the business leader, have to become great at delegation.

 3 Steps to Delegate *plus some insight to the actual hand-off

 Remember - our goal is not time management but energy and focus management.  Your focus and energy is limited.  It should only go to the most valuable use.

1) Create a list of all things you are currently doing.  Start by understanding where you focus and energy currently goes.  *quick tip.  List everything that steals your focus not just want you “spend” time on.  If it is something that causes your focus to shift, to change or to stop you from your most productive work.

2) Understanding your list.  For each activity give it a quick Y or N in each of 3 areas

  • Critical to business
  • My special skill is critical to this step
  • I enjoy doing this

3) Now that we have our categories we get to take action.

  • Those that are a N for critical to the business delegate immediately and without concern.  If you have a process documented terrific.  Hand it off.  If there is not a process documented. Let someone else build it.
  • If it is is critical to the business and a N to your special skill follow hand-off process below.  
  • If it is critical to the business and it is your special skill but you do not enjoy.  Follow hand-off process.
  • If you answered Y to all 3 … No change needed.  Until you are at capacity and simply keep what you want.  At this point you are an expert at delegation.  Do it as you see fit.


Hand-off Process

  1. Is the process that makes this go well understood and documented?  Are there key measurements/milestones in place to understand how the process is going?
  2. If both of these things are true determine the critical skills needed for this and hand it off following step 4.
  3. If either is a no you have to build this process out and document before handing off or accept the risk that you will  stumble on a critical part of your business. .  
  4. To hand it off you will want to slowly go through a handoff process.  For each critical step in the process you will want to hand it off one by one.  Often times this starts with doing the step together, slowly transitioning to feedback loops after the step and finalizing by complete hands off.

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