Today is Already Lost

Submitted by Jeff Galas on Thu, 02/23/2017 - 20:43
Daydreaming at work means nightmares later

Stop fighting for a client you would get today. STOP IT.

You have already lost.

Provocative huh? It is meant to be.

The client that is awarded today is going to the person who started the fight long ago. The game is not won on game day. The game is won long before game day.


So what does this mean?

Start prospecting today. Start improving your product today. Start planning, preparing, and working today. Just don’t believe that you will win today. Understand that your work pays off in after hundreds and thousands of little steps. No amount of work tomorrow will make up for a lack of work today.

“The will to prepare to succeed is more important than the will to succeed”

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