Problems Don't Have to Suck

Submitted by Jeff Galas on Wed, 05/17/2017 - 11:24
Headaches and Fires

Time and time again I have seen all to many people avoid problems. Avoid the issues. They pretend to have solutions.

The common theme is shuffling the chairs on the deck. They will look at financials, they will do layoffs, they will re-purpose resources, and they will start pointing the fingers at people. They will demand results despite not having a clue as to what drives the results.

This will devolve even further to management jargon. They will talk about transparency while hiding vital facts. They will talk about open door policy and share nothing of value.

Symptoms and fires become the focus.

People get fired.  Culture gets destroyed.  Profits are lost.  Companies decimated.

All in an effort to avoid the difficult work.  To avoid the difficult conversations when we admit - WE DON’T have the answer and we need to do some work.  

The conversation you aren't having is admitting you DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER.

That is not weakness that is strength. That is courage. This is also the first step in solving the problem. The real problem.

Admitting this empowers your team, your support and those that have the knowledge to help you. This will start the progress of digging towards the root cause. This will be the first step to changing what matters.

Only at the point of honesty can anyone get to a real solution.

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