Don't Be A Tool About Tools

Submitted by Jeff Galas on Thu, 04/13/2017 - 21:21
tools for business

Many people will write provocative, click bait headlines like: “Email is not your friend”, or “10 ways to turn [Tool] into a positive experience.”



STOP. The headlines are not accurate. They are click bait.



Tools are neither positive nor negative. Context is what matters. The context is why you use them, how you use them and when you use them.



The mindset around tools is what ends up being positive or negative. Knowing why, how, and when to use a tool makes all the difference.



If you nail those three areas, the tool should make the work more effective first, and more efficient second.



Fix your mindset and your tools will start to work. Fix the tool, and tomorrow you will just have a new complaint.


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