Submitted by Jeff Galas on Wed, 02/22/2017 - 19:47
choices matter

Choices - Every word you speak and action you take is a choice.

Many times in business, I watch boards, CEOs, and managers choose words that are not congruent with their actions.

There are certain areas where I see this over and over again.


Trust - The words they say are “We trust our employees!” but all of their actions and policies say they expect their staff, their team, and their people to take advantage of them. They have PTO programs that require multiple steps for tracking and approval. They have purchasing and travel policies that add multiple levels of bureaucracy and time to even the most simple of purchases. If you trust the employees, all of these policies should come from a place of our employees are smart, they care and they will do right by the company. Do yours?


Transparency - Many leaders will stand up and declare themselves transparent. They will say, “If you need to know something, just ask.” Yet, they spend more time in closed door meetings and they hide key information from their employees. You can’t claim to be transparent and also believe that there is information that is good for you but not for them. Truly transparent companies operate in a form of communication flow, not levels of secrecy.

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